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Essential Things to Know About Immigration Bond Eligibility

The family and the detainee usually have a difficult time when they are detained by immigration. When you are arrested in the United States, you may be able to qualify for an immigration bond. Immigration bonds provide surety that the detainee will attend the court proceedings at the stipulated time. With an immigration bond, you are freed from detention as you await the court hearings that will determine your fate on living in the US. Immigration bonds enable you to get time to repair and find representation for your court hearing. However, immigration bonds are quite different from other kinds of bonds. This is because there are different requirements for eligibility for immigration bonds. Many people struggle when it comes to determining whether or not they are eligible for an immigration bond. This article discusses the things that will make you not eligible for an immigration bond.

As mentioned earlier, you need to have been arrested in the United States to be eligible for an immigration bond. Arrests by immigration could be made on the airport, on the border of the United States or even on the beaches. For such situations, when you are not actually in the country, you will not be eligible for an immigration bond. However, for such instances, you can still apply for parole from the authorities of immigration. You can find out more information on this from them. Here is more info on immigration bond eligibility.

Eligibility for an immigration bond requires one to be an upstanding citizen. If you have previously been convicted of a crime, you may not be eligible for an immigration bond. If you had one or more conviction charges in relation to drug possession or any offense related to firearms, you will not be eligible for an immigration bond. Your acts or behavior should generally not be in violation of the accepted living standards of the community. You can learn more now!

Another thing that will make you not eligible for an immigration bond is if you have been previously convicted for an aggravated felony. Aggravated felonies are a special category of criminal offenses. They include drug trafficking, possession with intent to sell or deliver. Manufacturing and selling of drugs is also an aggravated felony. Sexual abuse of a minor, possession of child pornography and rape also fall under this category. Money laundering, fraud or income tax evasion, murder or attempted murder are other aggravated offenses. Felony alien smuggling is also an aggravated felony. Parents, children or a spouse doesn't fall in felony alien smuggling. If you are not well aware whether or not you qualify for immigration bonds, you can request a hearing where your eligibility will be clarified. Read more here :

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