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US Immigration Bonds Explained

When you or someone you love ends up in custody, you will need to secure their release as quick as possible. Instead of waiting for the trial period to begin or bribing your way out, you can apply for bail bonds. Bail bonds act as a surety to secure the release of a detainee. Before you start the bail bond application process, it is crucial to understand more about how to pay a bail bond. This helpful piece will walk you through everything about bail bonds you ought to know including how to pay immigration bond.

Before you understand how the bail bond payment process works, it is prudent to understand how US immigration bonds work. When you or someone you love is arrested for living in the US illegally, ICE will detain you. ICE also known as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is the body mandated with the task of tracking down immigrants and arresting them. It is also worth noting that you will need help from close friends or relatives to post bond.

Once ICE detains you, they will look into your bond eligibility. Your eligibility for immigration bonds hinges on a number of things. For instance, your chances of receiving the bond are enhanced if you lack a criminal history. On the other hand, chances of getting the bond are slim if you have been involved in serious crime before. Apart from ICE, the court can also determine if you are eligible for an immigration bond. Once you get the bond, you should proceed to pay the bond. Here is more info about US Immigration Bonds.

Before you understand how to pay immigration bond, it is worth noting that there is a set minimum amount. The minimum amount for an immigration bond stands at $1500. However, the immigration bond, as well as ICE, can ask for a higher amount. After the bond amount is set, you should proceed to pay the immigration bond. However, you cannot pay the immigration bond if you do not have legal status in the US. As such, find a legal US citizen to pay the immigration bond for you. You can contact your friend or relatives. Nevertheless, hiring a professional bondsman is your ideal option. You can learn more by clicking here.

To conclude, you ought to call the designated ICE office to pay the bond. However, keep in mind that you cannot pay the immigration bond in cash. Personal checks are also not accepted. The best way of paying the immigration bond is by using a cashier’s check. Find more info here :

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